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Horacio the piglet gets a brainy app store fable

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of book-apps that pique our attention as parents. First are those based on brands that our children already love: Peppa Pig, Dr. Seuss, Toca Boca and so on.

But the second kind are the ones that we've never heard of before, but whose visual style makes them stand out from the (vast) herd of rubbish on the App Store. Book-apps that look like they've had some proper craft put into them. Horacio the piglet is the latest example.

It's part of a series of apps called Brainy Fables, published by Spanish interactive agency Secuoyas. The plot focuses on, yes, a pig called Horacio who wants to become famous.

"However, it is only when the great race horse Sultan agrees to help him become the fasted piglet on the farm that Horacio realizes achieving your goals requires determination and endurance…" The idea being that this is a modern fable to teach 4-7 year-olds about the value of having goals, and "knowing who we are and who we want to be".

It looks very nice indeed, and comes with voice narration, and a choice of English and Spanish languages, so good if your child is bilingual or getting in early with some language-learning.

Horacio the piglet costs £1.49, and is a universal app running on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. If you like him, there's more where he came from: Marcelo Fox, Mirta the super fly and Uxmal.

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